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Hyperion Planning Training

PSN Trainings Provides Hyperion Planning Training by Real-time Experts

Hyperion Planning Training

Introduction to Planning
  • Planning Overview
  • Planning Architecture Overview
  • Planning Business Process Overview
  • Planning Business Scenario
Navigating Workspace
  • Workspace Overview
  • Launching Workspace
  • Opening Applications
  • Navigating in Planning
Dimensions Overview
  • Plan Types
  • Planning Dimensions
  • Data Block Creation Process
  • Aggregation, Storage, and Calculation Options
Creating and Managing Dimensions in Performance Management Architect
  • Navigating Performance Management Architect
  • Managing Dimensions
  • Creating Members in Dimension Library
  • Managing Members
  • Creating Associations Between Dimensions
  • Organizing Shared Library
  • Working with Grid Editor
Importing Metadata
  • Metadata Load Options
  • Formatting Metadata Load Files
  • Creating Import Profiles
  • Staging Metadata with Interface Tables
  • ERP Integrator Metadata Load Process
  • Importing Metadata with Lifecycle Management
Creating Applications
  • Methods for Creating Appliations
  • Application Creation Process
  • Application Criteria
  • Creating Appliations with Application Creation Wizard
  • Adding Dimensions from Shared Library
Setting Up Alias, Period, Year, Scenario, Version, and Currency Dimensions
  • Creating Aliases
  • Customizing Time Periods
  • Creating Scenarios
  • Defining Versions
  • Adding Currencies
Setting Up Entity and Account Dimensions
  • Entities Overview
  • Adding and Modifying Entities
  • Accounts Overview
  • Account Types
  • Saved Assumptions
  • Data Types and Exchange Rates
  • Creating Account Hierarchies
  • Consolidation Order
Creating User-Defined Elements
  • User-Defined Dimensions
  • Adding Attributes
  • Creating Member Formulas
  • Adding User-Defined Attributes
  • Working with Smart Lists
Deploying Applications
  • Deployment Process
  • Preparing Applications for Deployment
  • Validating Applications
  • Deploying Applications to a Planning Server
  • Redeploying Applications
  • Setting Planning Properties
Setting Up Exchange Rates
  • Currencies and Exchange Rates
  • Creating Exchange Rate Tables
  • Generating Currency Conversion Calculation Scripts
Loading and Calculating Data
  • Data Load Options
  • Data Calculations
Provisioning Users and Groups for Planning
  • Planning Security Overview
  • User and Group Provisioning Overview
  • Provisioning Users and Groups
  • Generating Provisioning Reports
Setting Up Access Permissions to Planning Applications
  • Assigning Access Permissions
  • Importing Access Permissions
  • Creating Security Filters
Creating Data Forms
  • Data Forms Overview
  • Creating Simple Data Forms
  • Creating Composite Data Forms
Customizing Data Forms
  • Data Form Customization
  • Exporting and Importing Data Forms
  • Creating Menus
  • Creating Formula Rows and COlumns
  • Building Validation Rules
  • Setting Up Custom Messaging
  • Specifying Advanced Settings
  • Setting Up User Preferences
Entering Data in Planning
  • Navigating Data Forms
  • Submitting Data in Data Forms
  • Spreading Data
  • Adjusting Plan Data
  • Adding Annotations to Plan Data
  • Performing Ad Hoc Actions on Data Forms
  • Calculating Data in Data Forms
Creating and Managing Business Rules
  • Business Rules Overview
  • Assigning Business Rule Security
  • Launching Calculation Manager
  • Setting Up Business Rules
  • Validating and Deploying Business Rules
  • Launching Business Rules
  • Creating, Validating, and Deploying Rulesets
  • Creating Business Rule Variables and Formulas
Setting Up the Approval Process
  • Approval Process Overview
  • Creating Planning Unit Hierarchies
  • Setting the Potential Promotional Path
  • Assigning Scenario and Version Combinations
  • Synchronzing Planning Unit Hierarchies
  • Exporting and Importing Planning Unit Hierarchies
  • Viewing and Resolving Validation Errors
Managing the Approval Process
  • Planning Unit Process States
  • Reviewer Actions
  • Impact of Entity Hierarchy on the Approval Process
  • Managing the Review Cycle
  • Copying Data Between Versions
  • Copying Relational Data for Dimensional Intersections
  • Clearing Cell Details
Creating Task Lists
  • Task Lists Overview
  • Navigating Task Lists in Basic Mode
  • Navigating Task Lists in Advanced Mode
  • Task List Creation Process
  • Printing Task List Reports
Setting Up Classic Applications
  • Classic Planning Application Set Up Process
  • Building Dimension Hierarchies
  • Setting Up Attributes
  • Creating Alias Tables
  • Smart List Creation Process
  • Setting Up UDAs
  • Loading Metadata and Data into Classic Applications
  • Exporting and Importing Data Forms