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Course Description

Introduction to Objective C and Xcode

  • Introduction to iPhone development, iPhone SDK and Xcode
  • Introduction to Objective C – part 1
  • Introduction to Objective C – part 2
  • Making your first iPhone App

Cocoa and MVC in iOS

  • Interface Builder, iPhone Simulator and Debugger
  • Properties, Protocols and Categories in Cocoa
  • Important Cocoa classes and Frame works
  • Basic Interaction handling – A touch app in iPhone
  • Understanding MVC architecture

Controls and Gestures in iOS

  • Introduction to Controls
  • Advance Controls in iPhone
  • UISegmented Controls
  • Understanding views and view hierarchy(super class and subclass)
  • Handling Gesture and swipe - UITouch ,UI Responder and UIEvent Class

Controllers and Memory Management in iOS

  • Understanding View Controllers in detail
  • Working with Switch, Slider and Buttons
  • Understanding Page Controls and Date Pickers
  • Memory management in iOS

Advance Controllers programming in iOS

  • Understanding the use of Tab bars
  • Understanding Pickers
  • Working with Progress view, scroll view and text view
  • Working with Web view and Alert view

Introduction to Table View in iOS

  • Understanding Navigation Controller in iPhone
  • Working with Table view and mixed content
  • Grouped, indexed and dynamic table view
  • Custom Table view, Advanced Table view and Other operations in Table view

Persistence in iOS

  • File handling in iPhone(Directory and file creations, saving and retrieval of data)
  • Using SQLlite in iPhone
  • Working with Persistence using property list
  • Understanding the use of Accelerometer

Advance Graphics and Touch in iOS

  • Introduction to quartz – using colors, polygon lines and curves
  • Understanding Core Location.
  • Using Multitouch – Explain responder chain

Multimedia and internationalization in iOS

  • Playing back sound, audio and video in iPhone
  • Understanding of Core Data
  • Using camera in iPhone
  • Internationalization

OpenGL ES programming and networking

  • Introduction to OpenGL – ES – Simple example
  • OpenGL ES – Animation
  • Using Networking API s
  • Working with address book

Advance features in iOS

  • Using iCloud Storage
  • Introduction to Core Image
  • Using Notification center
  • Using Twitter on iPhone
  • Integrating Social apps in to iPhone/iPad apps

Quality assurance in iOS Application

  • Debugging the App and finding Memory leaks
  • Performance tuning of an Application
  • Debugging in Xcode
  • Unit Testing Applications

Submitting iOS Application to Appstore

  • Creating Provisioning profile
  • Key Chain Access
  • Accessing device UDID
  • Launching the App in the APP store