Oracle DBA Training

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  • Unix Basic Commands
  • Oracle 12c New Features

Introduction to Oracle SQL Statements

  • Select Statements
  • Operators 
  • Expression 
  • Conditions
  • orderby/Group BY Clauses
  • where/having clauses
  • Aggregate functions
  • Date/Time Functions

Oracle Architecture

  • Oracle Memory Structures
  • Background Processes
  • Parameter Management – Important Parameters
  • Oracle File Structures
  • Storage Structures – 
  • Tablespaces
    • Segments
    • Extents
    • Blocks
  • Oracle Block Structure
  • Tablespaces & Datafiles Management
  • Redolog Management
  • Archive Logs
  • Undo Management
  • Control File Management
  • Temporary Tablespaces
  • Network Management – 
    • Listener
    • Tnsnames.ora
    • SQLNet.ora
  • Complete understanding of Architecture Diagram
  • Controlling Oracle Database (Start/Stop modes)

Oracle Architecture – II

  • Schema Objects 
    • Tables
    • Indexes
    • Synonyms
  • Data Dictionary
  • Understanding Profiles
  • User Management
  • Understanding Roles
    • System Privileges
    • Object privileges

Database Transactions

  • Understand DDL/DML and DCL transactions
  • Oracle Enqueues & Latches 
  • Locks 
  • Blocking



Oracle Installation

  • Oracle Installation on Unix 
    • Using OUI  and Silent Installation
  • Creating Oracle Database Manually
  • Oracle Client Tools Overview 
    • SQLDeveloper
    • Toad

Oracle Backup

  • What is backup and different types of Backups
  • Consistent Backup Vs Inconsistent Backup
  • User Managed Backup
  • RMAN based backup
  • Logical Backups using export or expdp

Oracle Recovery

  • Types of Oracle recovery
  • User Managed recovery 
    • Complete
    • Incomplete
  • Rman managed recovery 
    • complete
    • Incomplete
  • Backup strategies

Simple Performance Troubleshooting Steps

  • What is optimizer and how it works?
  • Statistics collection for database objects
    • how important it is?
  • Optimizer modes
  • Important optimizer parameters
  • Methods to collect object statistics
  • Execution plan for a statement
  • AWR,ADDM report generation
  • SQL Tuning advisor
  • Understanding SGA Sizing
  • Understaning PGA Sizing

Oracle Flashback

  • Flash Recovery Area: Concepts, Benefits, Configuration and Monitoring


Key Highlights

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Trainer Information:

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 Faculty is very good at giving real time examples ,so it became very easy for me to learn and practice and implement it in my project..



 I completed Oracle DBA  from Make my class institute . Very well environment for study and best institute for ever.



 Very experienced Trainer for Oracle DBA  and very good knowledge.Trainer  covered Oracle 12c Features too in my Oracle DBA Course