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QTP & QC Training

Course Description

Introduction to Automation Testing

  • What is Automation testing
  • Manual vs. Automation testing
  • Various Automation tools
  • Tool selection

Introduction to Quick Test Professional

  • Overview of QTP
  • Starting QTP
  • Add-in manager
  • QTP window
  • QTP window layouts

Record and Run

  • Creating and executing basic test
  • Record and Run settings
  • Understanding recorded test
  • Executing a test
  • Understanding QTP's execution style
    • Different recording modes
  • Standard recording
  • Analog recording
  • Low level recording
    • Analyzing quick test results

Special focus on VB Script

  • VB Script overview
  • VB Script data types
  • VB Script Variables
  • VB Script constants
  • Input box method
  • VB Script functions
  • Numeric functions
  • String functions
  • Date and time functions
  • Example on Built in functions
  • User defined functions
  • Conditional statements

    Loop statements

    General scripts

    • Script for odd numbers
    • Script for prime numbers
    • Script for multiplication table
    • Other scripts on conditional addition, multiplication & so on

    Array functions Sample scripts on

    • Creating Microsoft excel object
    • Creating file system object
      • Working with flat files
      • Working with MS word
      • Working with internet explorer
      • VB Script Objects

    Working with Test objects & object Repositories

    • How QTP Identifies Objects
    • Working with run time objects
      • Working with test objects
    • Object repository introduction
    • Identifying the objects
    • Viewing the objects properties

    Object Spy

    Configuring Object identification

    • Normal identification
      • Mandatory properties
      • Assistive properties
    • Smart Identification
      • Base filter properties
      • Optional filter properties

    Managing repositories

    Associating repositories


    • Synchronizing tests
    • Inserting synchronization point
    • Adding exist statement
    • Adding Wait statement

    Parameterizing tests

    • Using data driver
    • Using keyword view
    • By inserting statements manually
    • Crate data driven tests
    • Local and global sheets
    • Design time and run time datatables

    Check points

    • Adding checkpoints to a test
      • Adding checkpoints while recording
      • Adding checkpoints while editing
    • Types of checkpoints
      • Standard checkpoint
      • Text checkpoint
      • Text area checkpoint
      • Bitmap checkpoint
      • Database check point
      • XML checkpoint

    Output values

    • Output values introduction
    • Crating output value
    • Storing output values
    • Viewing output values

    Working with actions

    • Introduction to actions
    • Benefits of actions
    • Creating new action
    • Inserting new action
    • Inserting copy of action
    • Inserting existing action
    • Creating action template

    Working with Data Tables

    • Introduction to data table
    • Working with global and action sheet
    • Working with spreadsheets
    • Importing and exporting data
      • Importing data from excel sheet
      • Importing data from flat file
      • Importing data from database
      • Exporting data to a spreadsheet
      • Different data table methods

    Regular expressions

    • Introduction to regular expression
    • Defining regular expression
    • Running test with regular expression

    Recovery Scenarios

    • Introduction to recovery scenarios
    • When to use recovery scenarios
    • Defining recovery scenario
    • Recovery scenario manager
    • Associating recovery scenarios to test


    • Creating functions
    • Advantage of using functions
    • Using functions in a test


    • Step generator
    • Tools>view options
    • Tools>options
    • Virtual object manager
    • Transactions
    • Reporter events

    Automation frameworks

    • Linear
    • Modular
    • Keyword driven
    • Hybrid

    QTP Advanced concepts

    • Descriptive programming
    • Working with web objects
    • Working with web tables
    • QTP Automation object model
    • Test batch runner
    • Password encryption
    • Handling dynamic objects

    Working with quality center

    • Connecting to quality center
    • Disconnecting from quality center
    • Saving tests into quality center
    • Opening tests from quality center

    Quality Center Overview

    What is Quality Center?

    The Requirement Module (In depth)

    The Test Plan Module (In depth)

    The Test Lab module (In depth)

    The Defects Module (In depth)

    Administration: Site Administration and Project Administration

    Project Administrator

    Actions that can be performed through Project Administration (In depth)

    • Change User Properties
    • Set Up Project Users
    • Set Up Groups
    • Customize Module Access
    • Customize Project Lists
    • Configure Auto mail
    • Set Traceability Notification Rules
    • Set Up Workflow

    Actions that can be performed through Site Administration(In depth)

    • Add users to the project
    • Set users as a project Administrator
    • Change user password
    • Add new user
    • Delete users
    • Add new Domain/Project
    • Upgrading and Migrating projects
    • Activate/de-activate a project
    • Exporting user data
    • Mange user connections and licenses
    • Configuring servers and parameters
    • Analyzing site usage
    We are offered Selenium online training also