SAP APO Training

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Psntrainings is the Best SAp APO Online and Classroom Training institute in Hyderabad,india

Course Description

Introduction to ERP

  • ERP Concept
  • SAP ECC or R3
  • SAP Business Suite Architecture
  • APO Architecture
  • Supply Chain Management Concept
  • APO Architecture
  • APO Modules
  • APO Integration with SAP R/3 and BW/BI

Demand Planning Overview

  • Demand Management
  • Business Scenario
  • DP Integration with other APO modules

Administrative Workbench (SAP-BI)

Demand Planning Configuration

Characteristic Value Combinations

Planning Books and Macros

Aggregation and Disaggregation Calculation types

Forecasting Strategies

Lifecycle Planning

Promotion Planning

Mass Processing

Demand Planning Backup

Process Chains


Overview of SNP

Supply Network Design

Master data for SNP

SNP Configuration

The SNP Heuristic

Capable to Match

Optimization in SNP

Safety Stock Planning


Transport Load Builder (TLB)

Master Data

Interactive Production Planning

Detailed Scheduling

PP/DS Optimizer


Check Selection

GATP Check Methods in APO

Back Order Processing

Transportation Scheduling


Technical Aspects of APO

Project Scenarios

  • Creation of Info Objects
  • Info Providers like Info Cube, DSO, and MultiProviders
  • Source System and Data Source
  • Extracting Sales data from ECC (R3), BW and Excel
  • Basics of Reporting
  • Loading History data from InfoCube to Planning Area
  • Planning Object structures
  • Storage Bucket profile
  • Time Bucket profile
  • Planning Area
  • Planning Books and Data Views
  • Interactive Planning Functionalities
  • Selection Profile
  • Advanced Macros
  • Alerts-Forecasting Alerts and Macro Alerts
  • Proportional Factors
  • Time Based Proportional Factors
  • Univariate Forecast
  • Multi Linear Regression Forecast
  • Composite
  • Lifecycle Management
  • LIKE Modeling
  • Data Realignment
  • Copy
  • Macro Calculation in the Background
  • Forecast in the Background
  • Release of DP data to SNP
  • Transfer of DP data to the R/3

  • Introduction to Architecture of Integration
  • RFC Connection
  • ECC Master Data
  • Transfer of Master Data
  • Initial & Change Transfers, Background
  • Model and Version Management
  • Transfer of Transaction Data
  • Monitoring & Handling CIF Errors
  • Comparison & Reconciliation Change Pointers
  • Supply Chain Planning Process
  • Role of SNP in APO Planning
  • Integration with execution system
  • Locations
  • Products
  • Resources
  • Calendars
  • Production process Models
  • Transportation Lanes
  • Lot size, SNP supply and Demand Profiles
  • Integration of APO master data and R/3
  • Planning Object structures
  • Planning Areas
  • Planning Books and Data Views
  • Macros
  • Integration with DP
  • Supply Planning and Sourcing
  • SNP Heuristic Run
  • Capacity Check
  • Capacity leveling
  • CTM Process Overview
  • Master data for CTM and Configuration
  • Optimization constraints
  • Costs for controlling the Optimizer
  • Configuration of SNP Optimizer
  • Safety stock planning in the network
  • Standard methods
  • Advanced methods
  • Distribution Planning Concept
  • Configuration of Deployment
  • Fair share and Push rules
  • Heuristic and Optimizer
  • Transportation Planning
  • TLB Configuration
  • TLB Run


    Overview of Production

  • Introduction to PP/DS
  • Role of PP/DS
  • Production Planning

  • Configuration
  • Planning Process
  • Heuristics
  • Net Requirement and Lot Size Calculation
  • Source Determination
  • PPM/PDS Explosion
  • Pegging
  • Setup Times
  • Integration with Shop Floor Control
  • Product View
  • Product Planning Table
  • Product Overview
  • Detailed Scheduling Board
  • Resource Planning Table

    Available to Promise Concept

    ATP in ECC

  • Availability Check
  • Product Allocation
  • Configuration in ECC
  • Configuration in APO
  • Check Instructions
  • Product Availability Check
  • Check against Product Allocations
  • Check against Forecast
  • Rule Based Availability Check
  • Capable to Promise (CTP)
  • Multi ATP Check (MATP)
  • Interactive BOP
  • Back Ground BOP
  • LiveCache Technology
  • LiveCache vs. Database
  • Authorizations for Planning Objects
  • Performance Tuning
  • Object Transportation
  • System Landscape
  • Implementation Methodologies
  • SAP Projects(Implementation,Support,Rollouts,Upgradation)
  • Real-time issues and Case study