SAP BODS Training

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Introductions and Course Overview

  • OLAP and OLTP
  • Data ware housing concepts
  • SQL concepts

Describing Data Services

  • Describing the purpose of Data Services
  • Describing Data Services architecture
  • Defining Data Services objects
  • Using the Data Services Designer interface

Defining Source and Target Metadata

  • Using data stores
  • Using data store and system configurations
  • Defining file formats for flat files
  • Defining file formats for Excel files
  • Defining file formats for XML files

Creating Batch Jobs

  • Working with objects
  • Creating a data flow
  • Using the Query transform
  • Using target tables
  • Executing the job

Troubleshooting Batch Jobs

Using descriptions and annotations

  • Validating and tracing jobs
  • Using View Data and the Interactive Debugger
  • Setting up auditing

Using Functions, Scripts, and Variables

  • Defining built-in functions
  • Using functions in expressions
  • Using the lookup function
  • Using the decode function
  • Using scripts, variables, and parameters
  • Using Data Services scripting language
  • Scripting a custom function

Using Platform Transforms

  • Describing platform transforms
  • Using the Map Operation transform
  • Using the Validation transform
  • Using the Merge transform
  • Using the Case transform
  • Using the SQL transform

Capturing Changes in Data

  • Updating data over time
  • Using source-based CDC
  • Using target-based CDC Including SCD Type0,SCD Type1,SCD Type2

Using Data Integrator Transforms

  • Describing Data Integrator transforms
  • Using the Pivot transform
  • Using the Hierarchy Flattening transform
  • Describing performance optimization
  • Using the Data Transfer transform
  • Using the XML Pipeline transform


  • Creating SAP R3 Data Store and Extractions
  • Creating SAP BW Source and BW Target data store and Extractions