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Object Oriented ABAP

  •     OO Concepts - Polymorphism, inheritance, abstraction.
  •     Classes, Instances, Interfaces, methods, Events.
  •     Local/Global classes, Casting.
  • Introduction to Webdynpro    
    •     MVC architecture.
    •     Views, Windows, Components, Applications.
    •     Navigation between views.


  •     Types of Controllers
    •     Component Controller
    •     View Controller
    •     Interface controller
    •     Window Controller
    •     Custom Controller
  •     Hook methods of the controllers.


  •     Nodes & attributes
  •     Cardinality, Lead selection, Singleton, Supply function.
  •     Context Mapping

 User Interface    

  •     Layouts
  •     Simple UI elements
  •     Complex UI elements

Programming with Controllersand Context    

  •     Reading/Writing/navigating from/to Context Node/attribute
  •     Service calls
  •     Example scenarios



  •     Assistance class
  •     OTR Texts
  •     Texts from assistance class

 Messages & ExceptionHandling    

  •     Message handler class & wizard
  •     Exception handler class & wizard
  •     Messages from T100

 Component Usage    

  •     ALV (ABAP List Viewer) in WDP
  •     OVS (Object Value Selector) in WDP
  •     Select-Options in WDP

 FPM (Floor Plan Manager)    

  •     Floorplans
  •     Object Instance Floorplan (OIF)
  •     Guided Activity Floorplan (GAF)
  •     Quick Activity Floorplan (QAF)
  •     Generic UI Building Blocks (GUIBBs)
  •     Feeder Class, Events
  •     Introduction to POWL

 Miscellaneous Topics    

  •     Enhancements to standard WDP components
  •     Real time scenarios in R/3 & SRM
  •     Phase Model
  •     I-Views introduction
  •     Topics from trainees (if any)


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