SQL Server DBA Training

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SQL Server DBA


1..SQL Server Architecture
2. SQL Server Version’s and Editions
3. SQL server Installation and Configuration
4. System databases
5. Pages and extents
6. Sql server services
7. Sql server protocols
8. ACID properties
9. Recovery models
10. Security-Login and User,Principals,

Securables,Managing Permissions
11. Authentication Modes
12. Server roles
13. Database roles
14. Isolation Levels and Concurrency
15. Locking and Blocking-Types of locks and Types of reads
16. Service accounts for SQL server
17. GUI Templates-object explorer,solution explorer,

template explorer,registered servers
18. Command line tools-BCP,SQLCMD
19. Creating and Configuring Database
20. Altering Databases and Their Options-Using

ALTER command,Controlling Access,Controling DB state.

21. Linked servers
22. DAC-Dedicated Adminstrator Connection
23. CMS-Central Management Server
24. Data Compression and Backup Compression
25. Using ALTER Authorization Command

26. Schemas-Creating and working with schemas
27. Databasesnapshots
28. DBCC-And their parameters
29. Indexes-Types of Indexes,working and

Maintaining indexes,resolving index fragmentation,

fill factor
30. Update statistics
31. SQL Server 2008 Top New Features
32. DMV’s-Types of Dynamic Management Views

and working with them.
33. PBM-Policy Based Management
34. Resource governer
35. Performance data collector
36. SQL Server profiler
37. Maintainence Plans
38. Databasemail
39. Types of Sql Server Backups and their  options
40. Types of Restores and its related options
41. Orphan Users-Fixing orphan users
42. Log shipping
43. Database Mirroring
44. Replication-Types Replication
45. Basics of Windows Clustering
46. Overview of real time Third party Monitoring tools
47. Overview of real time Ticketing tool-


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